SO MUCH FODDER:  To reframe our nation’s history to the extent of changing the birth year without a national debate is assumptive and not the way of reflective, academic professionals – it is not progress.  Deterring character development by lowering student expectations is not progress.  Emboldening the lawbreakers while displaying indifference towards law abiding citizens is not progress.   Facilitating the spread of a monolithic ideology of “acceptable opinions” with no tolerance for free debate is not progress.  Ignoring the loss of parents rights to local school board members is not progress – it is autocratic.   

These backward policies are not being challenged by enough Members of Congress who could speak out against the backwardness.

Most people recognize an upside down sign when they see one.  Yet – why do so many Members of Congress and their Leadership lack that ability?   They are silent about the atrophy in public education policy, and about the innocent victims of crime … and … why do those Representatives meekly accept their Leadership’s silence by voting with Leadership 100% of the time?  

For example –  here is a robotically voting Illinois Representative, who remains silent on these harmful policies:


QUESTION:  What actions has he taken in response to the observation that silence gives consent?


One of the sources to visit is projects.propublica.org.  Compare how often individual House Representatives vote with other House Members. 



So what’s the End Game that a lack of law and order, diminished free speech and other retrogressive policies – might lead us?    1 of 2 Possibilities.

Here are 3 examples where aspects of a grim End Game (Possibility #1) are clearly stated.

Imagine a pier stretching out over the water. Viewed from above, the pier appears to simply float there.  The top of the pier – the part that we can see – signifies the surface aspect of these claims.  Yet while the pier seems to float effortlessly, it is, of course, not floating at all; it is propped up by a structure submerged under the water. The pier rests on pillars embedded in the ocean floor.  In the same way that a pier sits on submerged pillars that are not immediately visible, the beliefs supporting our racial claims are hidden from our view.  To topple the pier, we need to access and uproot the pillars.”   Robin DiAngelo, “White Fragility”, Beacon Press 2018

So uproot the foundation/tear down the pier (i.e. pillars such as free market capitalism?) is the answer . . . and replace with what?

. . . in order to inspire all students to achieve their greatest potential we must lead and engage in a collective commitment to equity.  The Board recognizes that with our objective to provide educational opportunities that result in equitable outcomes, we must work proactively to address biases and eliminate institution structures and practices that negatively affect student learning and achievement.”  Equity Belief Statement, Indian Prairie School District 204, Naperville, Illinois website, ipsd.org

What does it mean to “eliminate institutional structures and practices”?

Does it mean to eliminate a foundational principle such as meritocracy tomorrow by doing things like lowering student expectations today?  . . . and replace with what?  

According to the New York Times, “the goal of the 1619 Project is to reframe American history by considering what it would mean to regard 1619 as our nation’s birth year,” replacing 1776. 

We must honestly and thoroughly discuss the horror of slavery as part of America’s story, but do we really want to allow that terrible mistake to replace celebrating the introduction of institutionalized self-rule by a free people?   Why focus on a past authoritarian sin, instead of strengthening the ideal that 1776 represents for the future?  . . . what ideal does 1619 represent?    . . . replace the ideal represented by 1776 with that?


Is the End Game to take down what we have?  People who accept or advocate these harmful policies have a tough time defining what they want our free democratic republic to look like.   Many questions.  What replaces tolerance for viewpoint diversity?  What replaces meritocracy in engineering or medical school?  What replaces a free market economic system driven by individual freedom?   What replaces protection for law abiding citizens?   What are the alternatives? How will things work? 

We need Representatives in Congress who could be doing the following: — raise awareness of, and speak out against Dept of Ed guidance for use of 1619 guidelines;  — speak out for the need of national, public debate, and not local, secretive proclamations, to consider any change of our nation’s birth year to 1619;  — speak out in support and encouragement of parents as they confront non-responsive school boards;  — speak out as a leader advocating protection for law abiding citizens from the law-breakers;  — be a leader who publicly questions why parents who have legal and moral responsibility for their children must struggle with school boards for parental input and school board transparency. 

Representatives with a voice representing us, will help lead us towards a happier Possibility #2 based on free speech, individual freedom, and law and order that excludes these harmful policies. 

Be aware — and vote on November 8.


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