Comment with your vote

Vote your state / federal representatives / senators, and school board members in or out. 

– Does the candidate support or oppose the NYT’s stated goal of the 1619 Project?  If they have no opinion, why not? 

– Re: Illinois.  Does the candidate accept the lack of a requirement for viewpoint diversity on the Inclusive American History Commission?  – Re: the new state law Pub Act 101-0654 (see Founding Fodder).  

– Does the candidate agree with the Dept of Education guidance (Fed Reg publish date: 4/19/21) to use the 1619 Project material when revising K-12 American History curriculum? 

– Will the candidate (or does the incumbent) publicly speak out and actively support and acknowledge the moral and legal responsibilities of parents for their children? 

– Does the candidate believe we should begin to gradually take steps towards eliminating our institutional structures and practices?  If not, how is the candidate challenging those who do want to do that?  Does the candidate deny this to be an issue?

– Will the candidate (or does the incumbent) proactively support law enforcement, its officers and the work they perform?  Is the candidate an advocate for law abiding citizens who are the victims of crime due to lax law enforcement?

– Does the candidate advocate or oppose viewpoint diversity at our universities?  What action does the candidate commit to take (or has the incumbent taken) to promote viewpoint diversity on college campuses in their district/state?  

– Do school board members support or oppose reducing academic expectations?  Do they believe parents and guardians should be allowed input on 1619 Project related changes in K-12 curriculum? How actively do they advocate for that parental right?  What are the views of the board and district administrators on curriculum transparency? 

– Do school board members plan to obtain and consider use of American History curriculum materials from the Woodson Center?  If not, why not? 


– For information on candidate positions, voting records, etc. visit, or if you have specific questions, call Vote Smart 8-5 CT, M-F at 888-votesmart.  Also visit

– Obtain Black history curriculum and other study materials from the Woodson Center (,, or email for curriculum inquiries:  It is available at no cost.        

– The members of the Inclusive American History Commission (Illinois) are easy to find on an internet search.  One member is from Glenbard District 87.  Antonio Garcia (      

Despite much fodder to the contrary, America is still a decent place filled with rational, grateful and kind people. 

Ask ten people you know if they support law enforcement, if they prefer our universities allow diversity of viewpoint, if they prefer local school board transparency.  Is there a consensus?  If you’re comfortable to do so, ask them to consider voting against the silent incumbents who fail to act on these important issues.  Suggestion for skeptics:  check out



From the last of the Founding Fathers . . .


In their later years the Founding Fathers were generally pessimistic regarding the prospects of the new Republic surviving much beyond their own lifetimes.  James Madison was the last of the Founding Fathers to pass away, dying in 1836. 

In the 1830’s he wrote a note which he intended to be his last political statement. “As this advice if it ever see the light will not do it until I am no more, it may be considered as issuing from the tomb, where truth alone can be respected, and the happiness of man alone consulted.  The advice nearest to my heart and deepest in my convictions is that the Union of the States be cherished & perpetuated.  Let the open enemy to it be regarded as a Pandora with her box opened; and the disguised one, as the Serpent creeping with his deadly wiles into Paradise.” 

Fears of a Setting Sun, Dennis C. Rasmussen, Princeton University Press 2021